Q: When I'm trying to log in, it just sits on looking for the Intermedia AnyMeeting App.

A: If this is a first installation on machine and if it sits for more than couple of minutes, try the following steps:

  1. Close your web browser.
  2. Check any anti virus or firewall software to ensure it is not blocking the Intermedia AnyMeeting.
  3. Make sure that any pop up blockers are turned off.
  4. Open a new web browser (IE, Edge, Safari, Firefox) and try again 

If the application has already been installed, navigate to Start (Windows) or App Finder (Mac) and open the application directly.

Q: Does the application make me install it every time?

A: Once the application is installed, it can be used anytime.

Application can be found the following locations:

Windows 7:

Windows 10:


Q: If I log in from browser it asks me to install the application again.

A:  If you choose to log in from your web browser instead of through the application, your web browser will try to locate the installed application and pop-up message asking to run the application will appear. (Example show is Windows Edge web browser)


If there are no pop-ups and it is asking to install the application, open the application directly from Start Menu or Finder as shown above.