Intermedia now offers an alternative to manual and costly fax machines: Fax via Email. Use this service to simply receive faxes anywhere that you receive email.

Setting up the Fax via Email service is simple and quick: log in to the Intermedia HostPilot and navigate to the Services > Fax via Email page. Use this section to create a fax number for each email address in your account. Then utilize the fax numbers to receive all your incoming faxes via email. It’s that simple!

You can view complete logs for the fax numbers in any of the following places:

  • Intermedia Web or Custom Email services:
    • HostPilot > Fax via Email > Fax Setup & Logs
    • HostPilot > Mail Server > Mailboxes Manager > Settings > Fax via Email 
    • DeskPilot > Options > Fax via Email (Read the Knowledge Base article on What is DeskPilot? for more information.)
  • Intermedia Exchange services:

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