1. Once your account is created you can immediately start publishing the website to your virtual server by uploading the content via FTP, or by installing the Content Management System, or by using special Publishing Tool.

2. Check the website running on Intermedia server.

If your website is hosted on Windows 2003/ColdFusion/Linux platform, check the website using it's IP-address: http://IP-address. To find it please navigate to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Web/FTP Server > Web Server (Apache Server) > Server Information (Server Settings).

If your web site is hosted on Windows 2008 platform, you should use the Auto-domain assigned to it: http://account_name.serveronline.net. For more information refer to the Knowldge Base article on How Do I Access Web/FTP Server Without Using My Domain Name?

3. Once you checked the web site running on your Intermedia server you can re-point the DNS records for your domain name to Intermedia.

If you want to change DNS Name Servers to Intermedia, please update the record yourself specifying Intermedia Name Servers. If you do not know how to change the records, contact the Registrar directly for the instructions.

If you do not want to change DNS provider, you can ask yours to update records to specified for your domain(s) in your HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Domain Names > Domains Manager. For more information please refer to the Intermedia Knowledge Base article How Do I Transfer My Domain From Another Host?

Note: You can add the domain name to your Intermedia account at any time, it will not effect global DNS before you specify Intermedia Name Servers as Authoritative DNS servers for your domain name. If you already have an Intermedia Exchange account with the same domain name, please contact us so we add it to your Web account as well.

4. After the propagation of the new domain settings over the Internet is completed, you should be able to use the domain name to access your website. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is DNS Propagation? for more information.