Webfax allows you to send faxes using the Fax Upload tool, receive faxes online and set up notfications to get faxes to your email.

  1. Log in to your webfax number. There are two ways to login to your webfax number: you can login directly using the fax number and pin at https://exchange.intermedia.net/ControlPanel/Login?ClientType=Voice 
    login to is
    or you can login as an administrator> navigate to Services> Voice Services> Numbers&Services> click on the webfax number.
  2. Set up notifications in order to get notifications about faxes to your email and/or to your cell phone. Navigate to Settings> Notifications.
    To find out more about setting up notifications follow the instructions described in this article.
  3. Navigate to Tools> Download the Fax Upload Application.
  4. Install Fax Upload application.
  5. Enter your Webfax number in it. Note: It should be a webfax number, not addon pointing to the webfax.
  6. Send the fax by opening the document> File> Print> Upload new fax. You can find more instructions on how to use the Fax Upload application in this article.
  7. In case of any issues check Fax Upload Application Errors And Resolutions.