My Services is a web-based management tool designed specifically for mailbox owners.

Rather than asking system administrators to change mailbox settings, My Services allows email users to manage certain mailbox settings on their own via a web interface.

Using My Services, each user can:

  • Download Microsoft Outlook for Windows, or Entourage or Outlook for Mac users (available only if your plan includes Outlook/Entourage)
  • Edit email delivery options
  • Manage Fax via Email accounts
  • Change their password

In order for system administrators to maintain control of the company’s mailboxes, My Services allows administrators to manage the level of control each user has over their personal account.

All users can use a web browser to access My Services.

Note: Unified login page is compatible with following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v. 9 and later
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

You can access My Services portal for any mailbox type, Exchange mailbox or POP/IMAP mailbox and also in order to adjust changes to Voice Services settings.