The default time to live, or TTL, is 100000s (approximately 27 hours) for all DNS records hosted through Intermedia. If you're not hosted through Intermedia, you need to contact you DNS Registrar for that information. Read the Knowledge Base article on What Is A Registrar? How Do I Find Out Who The Domain Registrar Is For My Domain? for more information.

The TTL is the value DNS servers use to determine how long to cache domain information before checking back with a name server for updates. This value can be altered temporarily, on a per-domain basis, by submitting a request to Support. Include the following information in your request: 

  • Your HostPilot® Control Panel user name
  • The domain name that needs the TTL adjusted
  • The specific record(s) you need adjusted
  • The new TTL value you need
  • The reason you need the TTL adjusted
  • Information that confirms your identity

We do not recommend adjusting the TTL value for your DNS records unless you have a specific need requiring a different value. In this case we will keep the custom TTL setting for 7 days, then it will be set to default value (27 hours) automatically to prevent DNS server load issues.