Important: Microsoft has disabled opportunity to view shared Contacts via OWA. In order to view shared Contacts you need to use Outlook mail client.

If another Exchange user has shared a folder with you, it is possible to view the folder in Outlook Web Access (OWA). Follow the instructions below for your version of Exchange.

Log in to your mailbox in Outlook Web Access.

To open a shared Inbox:

  1. Right-click your mailbox name in the left pane and click on Add shared folder.Add shared folder
  2. Enter Email address or Display Name of the user that shared folders with you > click on Add.Add folder
  3. The mailbox will appear in the left pane under the folder list.

    Folder list

    In case specific folders were shared with you by another user, you will be able to see only the folders for which you have been granted access.

The shared mailbox will appear every time you log in to Outlook Web Access.

In case you want to remove it from the list of folders, right-click the mailbox name in the left pane and click on Remove shared folder.

Remove shared folder

To open a shared Calendar:

  1. Switch to the Calendar.
  2. In the left pane, right-click My Calendars (Your calendars) and click on Open calendar.
    Exchange 2016
  3. Enter Email address or Display Name > click on Open.
    Enter address