To update the company and billing information, log in to HostPilot® Control Panel and navigate to Account > Company & Billing Information:

 Company and Billing information

On that page, you can update the following details:

Update Company and Billing information   
  • Company Information: company name and address. You can also check the Billing address is the same as the company address box to automatically fill in the Billing Address

  • Billing Address: the address to which bills/invoices are sent
  • Billing Information: the payment method (credit card or invoicing) and the card/invoicing details. If a regular payment has been failed, a one-time credit card payment can be used.

In case you have more than one account and want to update Billing Information on all of them, you need to check the Update Credit Card information & Billing Address for all accounts using this Credit Card option.

Please always keep your billing information up-to-date. This is especially important for email addresses, as email is the primary way of how we will communicate to you in case of any billing problems with your account.

Note: due to technical limitations, the account name cannot be changed. The name of the account only applies to how it is listed in our system and does not appear in any external-facing instances.