This article applies to Web Hosting and Custom Email accounts only. For Exchange accounts, see the article What Is The Default Domain?

To switch the default and secondary domain names, log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Domain Names > Domains Manager.

Domains manager

If you have only one domain name, it is the default domain. If you have multiple domain names on your account, the one marked in the list of domains on the Domain Names > Domains Manager page is the default domain, and all the others are secondary domains (also known as synonyms or aliases).

On the Domains Manager page, you can select which domain you would like to set as default. Select the option in the Default column for the domain that you want to set as default, then click on Save Changes.

After switching your default domain, you can then delete the old domain if you no longer intend to use it. To delete a domain, select the checkbox to the left of the domain name, then click on Delete Domain(s).

As long as you follow these instructions, changing the default domain name will not stop the work of your mail server. All existing email accounts, mailboxes, messages and settings (forwarding, aliases, autoresponders, etc.) will be mapped to the new default domain.