This option availability depends on your plan.

Enabling a split domain allows you to receive your mail in two locations. When you enable the Split Domain option, the Exchange server will use the MX record for this domain to determine where to send mail for email addresses which do not have a valid mailbox on the Exchange server.

This is particularly useful for organizations that:

  • Plan to migrate users to Intermedia's Exchange environment over a period of time, instead of all at once, or
  • Have only a partial number of users that require an Exchange email environment, while POP email is sufficient for others.


To set up the split domain option for a domain:

  1. Login to your HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Services > Domains
  2. The icon to the left of the domain name shows you whether the domain is split.

    • No icon (, exchange.test): If there is no icon, it means the split domain option is not enabled for the domain.
    •   ( You will see this icon if the domain is split with a mail server that is not hosted by Intermedia or if the domain is split with the Web Hosting account.
    •  (testweb.test): You will see this icon if the domain is created on the Web Hosting account but the split option is not enabled.
  3. To enable a split domain or change split domain options, click the domain name link, then go to the Split tab.
  4. On the Split tab, choose one of the options:
    • A mail server not hosted by Intermedia
      Select this option if you want to split the domain between the Intermedia Exchange server and your local mail server (outside of Intermedia). If you are using this option, please make sure you do the following: 
    • Intermedia POP mail server
      Select this option if you want to split the domain between the Intermedia Exchange server and the Intermedia Mail Server that you are using on your Web Hosting or Custom Email account.
      • Please make sure that the domain’s MX records are pointing to the Intermedia POP Mail server and not the Exchange server. If you are hosting your DNS with us, simply log in to your Web Hosting account, go to Domains > DNS records and verify that the MX records of the domain you are trying to split are correct.
      • Fill in the following fields:
        Platform: Web Hosting is chosen by default.
        Account Name: Type the name of your Web Hosting account.
    • Split domain not necessary.
      Choose this option if the split option has already been enabled for this domain, but you do not have users on an external server anymore.
  5. Click Save Changes.