You can reset your SecureMail password using the Change my password or I’ve forgotten my password links in Tools & Settings application for Secure Mail ID.

Change My Password 

  1. Open Tools & Settings > on Home screen click on ID & Password Tools > Change my password.
  2. Type in your current password and your new password twice > Save Changes.
  3. On Password Updated! page click on Finish.

I've forgotten my password 

  1. Open Tools & Settings > on Home screen click on ID & Password Tools > I've forgotten my password and need to recover it.
  2. Answer your secruty questions > Next.
  3. Type in your new password twice > Save Changes.
  4. On Password Updated! page click on Finish.

Note: If you lose the answers to your security questions, there is NO WAY to recover your password and all previously encrypted messages will be permanently sealed.

Important: if secure ID is suspended, contact Intermedia Technical Support to troubleshoot.