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An Organizational Unit (OU) is a part of your organization that you want to manage separately. In the Exchange 2010/2013 environment, this is primarily used to set the server site location for Exchange mailboxes.

Example scenario for using organizational units on an Exchange 2010/2013 account:

  1. An account is based out of NY and, therefore, would like to be set up on the East Coast Data Center to reduce latency.
  2. The Account Owner creates an OU in the East Coast Data Center on Users > Organizational Units
  3. Mailboxes, contacts, distribution lists and public folders are then created and assigned to that East Coast Data Center OU.
  4. All items then reside in the East Coast Data Center.
  • Managing organizational units
  • Administration of organizational units

Managing organizational units

Managing organizational units includes adding items to the OU and removing them from it.

  1. On the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Users > Organizational Units page, create a new OU or select an existing one (shown in the screenshot below). 
    Create OU
  2. Available options are:
    • To add new members to OU add email addresses to the feild or select from Address Book and click Add New Members.
    • To delete members, check the boxes next to the OU member names and click Delete and then confirm.
    • To view particular members of the OU, enter Name, email department or office to the field and click Search.
    • To view only particular object type (Users, Distribution lists, Resource mailboxes etc.) click All and select the filter criteria.
    • To assign an item to a different OU, go to the source OU, select the checkbox next to the item being moved, and click Move To button and select the target OU.
      Assign an item to another OU

Administration of organizational units

  • Only Account Owners can create, delete, and manage OUs. 
  • For very large accounts where you want a certain Technical Admin to manage only one OU in the control panel and another Technical Admin to manage another (for example, one branch of the company is in California and another branch is in New York), you can grant that Technical Admin access to a particular OU under Account > Account Contacts > Settings

    Account Admin Roles

    This will ensure that the admin will not see any items other than the ones from his assigned OUs; this applies to all mailboxes, filters, search fields and address books. In addition, the admin will not be able to add items to or remove items from the assigned OUs, but can edit all properties for the items from the assigned OU. Several OUs can be assigned to a single Technical Administrator and, conversely, a single OU can be assigned to several Technical Administrators.
    Note: You can access Account Contacts section only if you have Contact Manager role.
  • Mailboxes cannot be assigned to a site location after they are created, nor can they be moved once they are assigned to a particular site. 
  • Users will only see the OU selection box in regards to users after an OU has been created.
    Create a user in an OU
  • If you will be using the Mass Import Tool and more than one OU, you will need to upload separate files for each OU you have created.
    Mass user creation