The Message Tracking service allows you to submit a message track request to our Level 2 Support Team. We will determine if a message reached our servers and arrived in a mailbox, as well as if a message left our servers and was transferred to another mail server.

Note: We keep mail logs on our servers for 7 days only, so we can track lost and undeliverable messages that were sent from or received by our servers within the past 7 days.

To submit the Message Track request:

  1. Login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and click Support in the right corner of the top ribbon.
  2. Click Request assistance.
  3. In the drop-down menu choose Message Track.
  4. Fill in the information and click Submit Request.
    Message Track

Mandatory information:

  • To (The recipient's email address).
  • From (The sender's email address).
  • Date and time when the message was sent (Exact date and time when the message was sent, along with the sender's time zone).

Optional information:

  • Message Subject (The subject of the message).
  • Message ID (ID of the message, can be extracted from the Complete Headers. Read the Knowledge Base article on What are complete headers? How do I get them? for more information).
  • Mail server information (The IP address or hostname of the mail server through which the message was sent/received).
  • NDR (Text of the non-delivery report and files attached to the NDR, if applicable).
  • Complete headers (Complete headers extracted from the non-delivery report, if applicable).

Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I use the Extended Services portal? for more information.