If you lost your SharePoint data, you can restore it by submitting a request to Technical Support. To submit a request, please go to HostPilot > Support (the link in the page header in the top right corner), click the Extended Service Requests link and choose Restore SharePoint Backup from the dropdown. This extended service will allow you to completely replace your SharePoint site with the backup. You will need to select one of the available backup dates. All site modifications and files uploaded after the backup will be discarded.

Note: Some of the backups may not be available for restoration, because we backup databases only. If you changed your SharePoint configuration (for example, deleted and recreated the site), we will not be able to restore it.

We do backup SharePoint sites for all customers. Here is when the SharePoint site backed up:

  1. We backup all SharePoint sites less than 15 Gb in size every day. The backup task starts at 8:00 pm PST. The backup files are stored on SQL server disk with the retention period of 7 days. The content of this disk is backed up to the tape.
  2. We also backup SharePoint content databases using SQL server native method. Full backup runs every Sat at 8:00 pm PST, differential backup runs Mon – Sat at 2:00 am PST. These backup files are also backed up to the tape.

Additionally, you can request an extra full backup of your SharePoint site through the Extended Services portal. Read the Knowledge Base article on How can I use the Extended Services portal? for more information.