Using the Mass User Import tool in HostPilot® Control Panel, you can add multiple users from TXT, CSV files and UserPilot. To import the users, log in to HostPilot and navigate to Users > Create User. Click Import multiple users from TXT, CSV files and UserPilot.

Import users

Importing from TXT, CSV files

Note: There is a 25 users per batch recommendation for creating users with Exchange Mailboxes and 50 users for Intermedia Unite.

Note: If you utilize in-house Active Directory, you can use the  csvde.exe utility to export user data to a CSV file.  Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I export Active Directory user information to a CSV file? for more information. For a list of user attributes that can be imported from a CSV file, read the Knowledge Base article on What Active Directory user properties can I import from a CSV file?.

  1. On the Data Source page, select TXT or CSV from the Source dropdown menu.
  2. Download and fill the template for the chosen file type. You can download the template for the CSV file here
  3. Click the Choose File button to select the file containing user information.
  4. Check the services you wish to add for the users.
    If you want to create mailboxes for all the users you are importing from the TXT file, check the Exchange box next to Services.
    Note: if you selected the Exchange option, ensure that the corresponding domain name has been added to this account prior to uploading your .txt file. (To add domains, use the Services > Domains page.)
    If you wish to enable Intermedia Unite, select Cloud PBX, SecuriSync and Intermedia AnyMeeting checkboxes individually.
  5. Existing items switch allows you to choose what you should do with users from the file that already exists on the account. Skip option would ignore these users. Update option should be used to update Active Directory properties for the existing users.
  6. Click Proceed to perform the import. All users that passed validation are listed on the Preview list of users page.
    • The Display Name and UPN for each user are validated. The Valid column displays a checkmark next to successfully validated users. If validation fails, the user is marked with a red "x" and error messages are displayed next to the invalid information.
      preview list of users mass import
    • The checkboxes next to validated users are selected by default. These users will be imported when you click Proceed.
    • You can correct invalid information, then select the box next to the user you want to import without reloading the TXT or CSV file.
  7. Make sure that the checkboxes are selected for the users you want to import. Click Proceed to create new users.
  8. User passwords will be generated and sent to the email address specified.
  9. If you selected Intermedia Unite earlier, users would also receive Welcome to Intermedia Unite email with the Voicemail PIN to their email addresses.
  10. Click Confirm, then click OK to confirm charges.

Note: numbers would not be assigned to users during this step. Users would be created with the Main Company Address Location. Each of them would be assigned one of the available extensions. In order to assign particular number, extension or location you can either create multiple users with Intermedia Unite Mass User Import Tool or assign numbers and change the users' Location from the Manage Users(Voice Services > General tab > Manage users) page.

Note: you must active Voice Services on the user before they are able to use any Voice Services features or use any devices you assign to them; activation occurs when you assign a Phone Number to the user.

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Importing from UserPilot

Important: this option is available only when you have the UserPilot service installed on your account and there are unlinked users.

To import users directly from your Active Directory, you will need to install and configure the UserPilot service on all domain controllers in the forest. Read the Knowledge Base article UserPilot Installation Guide for instructions.

After the service is installed correctly on all Domain Controllers, synchronization begins. All objects found by the UserPilot service in your Active Directory should appear in HostPilot under Services > UserPilot > Unlinked section. You are going to get directed to this section if you click on UserPilot link on Create new user page as well. Read this article for step by step instructions to link the Active Directory users to HostPilot.

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