By default, when a message is moved from the Inbox to another folder in Outlook, this message remains on the BlackBerry device even if the target folder is not enabled for redirection. This may result in some junk messages that remain on the BlackBerry device while the Junk Email folder is not set to synchronize with BlackBerry.

To verify which folders are enabled for redirection on your device, read the Knowledge Base article on What do I do to view mail folders other than Inbox on my BlackBerry device?.

To work around this behavior, you may set the Hide Filed Messages option to Yes on your BlackBerry handheld by following these steps:

  1. Click Messages
  2. Open the menu and select Options
  3. Click General Options
  4. Scroll down to Hide Filed Messages and select Yes.

Please note that since this feature is part of the email reconciliation process, which is not instantaneous in nature, you may still see the messages on BlackBerry for a few minutes before they get removed. To speed up this process, you may select Reconcile Now under Messages > Options.