1. Download the release version of mojoPortal to your local machine, typically you will want mojoportal-x-x-x-x-mssqlreleasefiles.zip. 
    2. Extract the contents of the .zip file and you will have a number of files and folders.
    3. The Web folder corresponds to the root of your Web site i.e. Htdocs, upload the contents of the Web folder (not the folder itself) to the Web root folder. You can use FTP client to upload the files (How Do I Access My Server via FTP?). 
    4. In your 'HostPilot > MSSQL 2008 Server > Databases' create a new database and user and make note of the database name, the user name and password, and the server name. You will need this information to set the connection string in Web.config. Make sure to give the database large enough size fo the script to be able to write to it.



    5. To set your connection string, you need to edit the Web.config file using a text editor like notepad on your local machine, then you can upload it and overwrite the one you uploaded previously (its in the root web folder Htdocs). Typically you will be using MSSQL and to set your connection string you want to edit this setting:

<add key="MSSQLConnectionString" value="server=yourservername;UID=yourdatabaseusername;PWD=yourdatabaseuserpassword;database=yourdatabasename" /> 

Please use the article 'How to create a connection string on a Windows 2008 plan?' for more information on setting up the connection strings.

  1. After setting your connection string and uploading the edited file, visit the web page at http://your_domain_name.com/Setup/Default.aspx and mojoPortal setup will proceed with installing the tables and other database obejcts into your database.
  2. Once setup completes you will be able to sign into your new site using admin@admin.com and the password admin. The next thing you should do is go to the 'MyAccount' page and change the password and change the email address to your own email address. After doing that you should sign out and then sign in again using your real email address and new password.  

For more details and usage please refer to http://www.mojoportal.com/home.aspx.