New Features

Open Authenication – Recipients of encrypted messages can authenticate using their social or professional networking account. The following social networks are supported: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Windows Live, Office365 and

Pickup User Report – The Administrator can use the pickup user report to track a user’s last login time, delete the user or to force a password reset.

Message recall for Policy-based Encryption – The Encrypted Mail Gateway encryption notification includes a link that the sender can use to track and optionally recall any web portal message.

Disable mobile attachment downloads – Administrators can disable attachment downloads on mobile devices. When attachment downloads is disabled, the attachment list appears as normal, but without links to the attached files.

Add attachments on mobile devices – The mobile “Compose” pages includes an option to add attachments.


Additional Inbox themes – Two new Inbox themes are available for users to set.

Message Audit Report – The message audit report includes the option to search the message archive and to view email headers.

Refresh Login Page – The Message Pickup Center login page has a new layout.

Browser-based spell check support – The text editor on the “Compose” and “Mailbox Options” pages now supports the native spell-checkers in FireFox and Chrome.