Application Impersonation is a management role that enables applications to impersonate users to perform actions on their behalf using EWS. The role can be granted only to one user on the account.

Depending on the application, you may not need this role as granting Full Access to the user can be enough for the application to work. Read the Knowledge Base article How Do I Enable Send As Or Full Access Permissions On Exchange Account? for more information.

Possible scenarios for which a user may need the Application Impersonation role granted include:

  1. CRM integration (e.g. Connectwise)
  2. Integration with a telephone system (e.g. Cisco Unity Server)
  3. Performing scheduled local backups
  4. Offboarding
    Note: for offboarding, you may need to have EWS server as well.
    Important: to protect your account information, we cannot publish your Server names in the public Knowledge Base. 
    The correct Exchange settings can be found under HostPilot > Home > Exchange servers and settings and follow this scheme:

To have the Application Impersonation role granted, contact Support.

Important: charges may be applied.

Note: Application Impersonation Role can be granted to only one user per account and covers only Exchange mailboxes. If access to POP/IMAP or OWA-Only mailboxes is needed, use individual set of credentials for each mailbox.