You can record the greeting for your Auto Attendant in *.WAV or *.OGG format.
Here are the required specifications for custom sound files:

  • mono
  • WAV/OGG, u-Law
  • 16 MB maximum
  • 64kbits/s
  • 8000Hz sample rate

The easiest way to record a greeting in the desired format is to use one of the 3rd-party sound recorders like Audacity which do support the above format.

Once new greeting is recorded, navigate to HostPilot > Service > Unite > Auto Attendant > click Auto Attendant Name > click Business Hours Name, and then click on the name of the current greeting file (default is greeting.ogg), or Not Setup if there is no greeting set up. 
In the Greeting box, enter the location of the file, or click Choose File to find the file on your computer.

Follow the Policy and limitations link to read the agreement, check the I agree on Policy and limitations checkbox and click Upload. When choosing files to upload, be aware that you are responsible for following copyright regulations and the Intermedia Acceptable Use Policy.

Note: There is a default greeting for the Auto Attendant, which is erased when you upload your own file. Make sure your greeting explains each option that you have set up, and which key caller needs to press for it. 

If you would like to restore the default greetings, you can download them from here: Default Sounds