Outlook 2016 for Mac uses the term Profiles not Identities. A profile is a set of email accounts and user settings. Outlook Profile Manager is a tool included with Outlook 2016 that allows users to create, delete and set default Outlook Profile.

To access Outlook Profile Manager:

  1. Open the Finder menu, and navigate to Applications.
  2. In the Applications window, press Control key and click Microsoft Outlook, then Show Package Contents.
    Package Contents
  3. Expand folders Contents > SharedSupport > Open Outlook Profile Manager.
    Outlook Profile manager

You can perform the following actions in Outlook Profile manager:

  • To create a new profile, click on Add icon Add Profile and type the name of the new profile.
  • To rename a profile, double-click on the profile and then type in the new name.
  • To delete a profile, click the profile that you want to remove to select it and then click on Delete icon. Delete Profile
  • To switch between the profiles, click on the profile you wish to use > Action > Set as Default. You must restart Outlook for the changes to take effect. 
    Change default profile

Note: it is not possible to configure Outlook 2016 for Mac to prompt for a profile to be used during startup. You can only switch between profiles in Outlook profile manager.