There are two ways to share folders in Outlook 2011 for Mac: by creating delegates (only for top-level folders), or by assigning sharing permissions to a folder (for both top-level folders and subfolders):

Note: the folder must be shared with the Reviewer permissions at least.

Sharing top-level folders by creating delegates

Using this method, you can add another user as a delegate, then specify which folders to share with this delegate and what level of permissions should have the user.

Note: Only top-level folders can be shared this way.

To create a delegate and share folders:

  1. In Outlook, navigate to Tools > Accounts > Advanced > Delegates.
  2. Under 'Delegates who can act on my behalf', click on '+' (Add a delegate).

    Outlook 2011 Accounts
  3. In the Select User window, start typing the user's email address and click on Find. Choose the mailbox from the list and click on OK.

    Outlook 2011 Select User
  4. In the new window, you can specify which folders to share with the delegate (Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, Contacts or Notes) and what level of permissions you would like to assign.
    The three levels of permissions that can be assigned to a delegate are:
    • Reviewer (can read items)
    • Author (can read and create items)
    • Editor (can read, create and modify items)

      Outlook 2011 Permissions
  5. Click on OK.
  6. The delegate will now be able to open the selected folders in Outlook 2007/2010, Outlook 2011 for Mac or Entourage.

Sharing folders by assigning sharing permissions

  1. In Outlook, right-click on a folder or subfolder that needs to be shared and choose Sharing Permissions.

    Sharing Permissions
  2. In the Folder Properties > Permissions window:
    1. Click on Add User.
    2. In the Select User window, type the user's email address or select the user from the address book.
    3. Select the newly added user and assign permissions. You can choose the level of permissions in the Permission Level box, or select specific permissions using the options under Permission Level.

      Folder Properties
  3. Click on OK.
  4. The user will now be able to open this folder in Outlook 2007/2010, Outlook 2011 for Mac or Entourage.

If you want to share only one particular subfolder please follow the instructions bellow:

Share only particular subfolder

To share only one subfolder you need to perform following changes:

  1. Grant appropriate permissions to a subfolder which you want to share
  2. Grant permissions to a top container for this subfolder
  3. Make a root of your mailbox (your account) visible for the user

1 - subfolder which needs to be shared
2 - top container for a shared folder
3 - root of the mailbox (your account)

Step 1. Grant permissions to Subfolder:
Higlight the subfolder which you would like to share, open context menu and choose Folder Properties. On the Permissions tab click on Add User and find the user you want to share a subfolder with.

Grant permissions Outlook 2011

Choose appropriate Permission Level (at least Contributor):

Folder Properties > Permissions

Step 2. Grant permissions for a top contaner for Subfolder:
Perform the steps described above for a top folder (Inbox).

Step 3. Make a root of the mailbox visible for the user you share Subfolder with:
Grant permissions as described in step 1 for root of the mailbox (your account: "Testmailbox Account" in this example). You need to grant at least Contributor permissions as your mailbox should be visible for the user you are sharing Subfolder with.

If you don't see the name of your Outlook Account please uncheck 'Hide On My Computer folders'. To show 'On My Computer folders' in the navigation menu, on the Outlook menu, click on Preferences. Under Personal Settings, click on General. Then, under Folder list, clear the 'Hide On My Computer folders' check box:

Outlook 2011 > Preferences