Before you can open a shared folder, you need to know who granted you access and what type of folder it is. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Share Folders In Outlook 2011/2016 For Mac for information on how to share a folder.

This article describes two ways to open a shared folder. The first method will allow you to open an Inbox, Contacts or Calendar folder. If you need to open Tasks or Notes, you must use the second method, which uses the Delegates settings.

Important: the folder must be shared with the Reviewer permissions at least.

Option 1: Using the Open Other User's Folder feature

To open a shared Inbox, Contacts or Calendar folder:

  1. In Outlook go to File > Open > Other User's Folder.
  2. In the Open Other User's Folder window, in the User box, type the email address of the folder's owner, or select the user from the address book. In the Type box, select which folder you need to open (Inbox, Calendar or Contacts). Click OK.
    Note: Open Other User's Folder is the best option to display a shared subfolder. For example, if you have a shared subfolder located in Inbox, you need to choose the corresponding type of top-level folder (Inbox) and click OK.
  3. The folder will appear in your folder list on the left side of the Outlook window.

Option 2: Using the Delegates settings

To open a shared Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or Notes folder:

  1. In Outlook, go to Tools > Account. Select your account in the list in the left pane, click on Advanced, and switch to the Delegates tab.
    Under People I am a delegate for, click on '+' to add a person.
  2. Type the name or email address of the user who shared the folder with you, then click Find. Select the user on the list and click on OK.
    Add user
    Click on OK again and close the Accounts window. All the folders shared with you by this user will appear in your folder list on the left side of the Outlook window.

How to Remove Other User's Folder:

  1. Open your Outlook account and navigate to this folder.
  2. Right-click on the folder and select Remove from View:
    Outlook 2011
  3. The shared folder will no longer be showing in your account.