This article is an overview of a Number Porting Letter of Authorization (LOA) Wizard which allows you to submit the necessary paperwork to start your Number Porting request, track the request status and provide additional information.

Creating new Number Porting request

Choose the account type.

Voice Services 1.0 account

Voice Services 2.0 account

SIP Trunking account

Voice Services 1.0

For Voice Services 1.0:

  1. Login to HostPilot> Services> Hosted PBX> General tab> Number Porting Service.
  2. Follow the same steps as for SIP Trunking below (click to navigate).

Voice Services 2.0

For Voice Services 2.0:

  1. Contact your salesperson or customer support to enter a service order for you. They will enter a service order on your account which will not only identify what numbers you wish to port, but also importantly identify exactly how your numbers should be provisioned to prepare for porting. This will ensure a smooth transition for you when your numbers port.
  2. Login to HostPilot> Services> Voice Services> Numbers&Extensions> Number Porting Service. Your Number Porting request will already be partially pre-entered, and in status Waiting for You. Click on the button Revise LOA to enter the Edit Mode and submit the necessary number porting paperwork. 

NOTE: porting process won't start until you fill in all required information in Revise LOA section.

Required steps in Revise LOA section:

  1. On Phone Numbers tab check the numbers list and add/remove any that are either incorrect, or you don’t want to port and/or that are on a different account.
    Phone Numbers
    NOTE: All numbers should be of the same type - you can't add toll-free and local numbers to the same order and should be on the same source account with current phone company. If numbers are listed on different billed accounts you will need to submit separate porting orders.
  2. On Recent Bills tab click Upload Attachment button and upload the copy of the most recent bill with your current phone company in the PDF format and a pen-and-ink signed LOA if you have one. 
    Recent bill
  3. On Billing Information enter the information from your bill copy with your current (losing) service provider for the numbers you want to port. Check and correct any information already in the fields.

    Click Save Changes button to submit online LOA and start the porting process.

    Billing Information

The porting team will review the submitted request and let you know what information should be changed/added in the porting order through Footprints case, so you should receive updates via your contact email address.
Consider monitoring your contact mailbox periodically. 

SIP Trunking

For SIP Trunking: HostPilot> Services> Voice Services> Locations> Number Porting Service.

  1. Click Add Request button.
    Add request
  2. Choose which type of number(s) you would like to port: local or toll-free.
    Note: Submit requests for local and toll-free number porting separately. If you are porting numbers from multiple accounts, submit each request separately. For local port orders, identify the timeframe in which you will be ready for your numbers to port. We will submit your porting order requesting the next available date from your current service provider, using your preferred porting timeframe as a guide. Leave comments if needed.
    Type of Numbers
    1. Enter the number(s) to port. As noted, do not combine local and toll-free numbers on the same order and do not combine numbers from different accounts.
      1. Provide us with your current billing account information for the numbers you wish to port. NOTE: this is NOT your account information for your services with us
        We suggest getting a recent copy of your phone bill from your current service provider for the numbers you are porting - use that as the reference in entering the below information. 
        For orders to port local numbers: show the service address your current provider has on file.
        For orders to port toll-free numbers: show the billing address on file with your current provider.
        In both cases, the authorizing person must be listed as an authorized owner or administrator for these numbers with your current provider. If you are submitting this on behalf of an end-user whom has already provided you with a LOA, please fill this in with the information they have provided.
        NOTE: you are then required per FCC regulations to keep your end user's LOA on file and available for reference.
        Billing Information
        1. Upload a copy of a recent phone bill for your numbers here. While this is not required, it will help us if your current service provider requires additional information on your port order.
          1. Read the Terms and submit a request by clicking Submit Request button.
            1. You may want to review generated LOA or return to the Number Porting Status Page.

            The porting team will review the submitted request and let you know what information should be changed/added in the porting order through Footprints case, so you should receive updates via your contact email address.
            Consider monitoring your contact mailbox periodically. 

            Additional information about Number Porting Service

            The status page shows you the list of all number porting requests with the following statuses:

              • Completed: We have successfully ported the number(s) to our network. Check to make sure that they are routing as you wish, then contact your previous service provider to cancel any numbers/services you no longer need from them.
                • In Progress: We currently have all necessary information from you and are working on your port order. We have/are submitting it to our carrier and your current service provider. We have/will provide an Estimated Porting Date based on the timeframe you requested and soonest date available from your current service provider. If all information you submitted matches the information currently on file with your service provider, we will provide you a Confirmed Porting Date. Please check this status ever few days for any updates. If we require additional information, we will provide detailed instructions in an email from the associated Footprints case.
                • Waiting for you: We need some additional information from you.
                  • If you had not previously submitted a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for these numbers, please start the LOA Wizard by pressing the "Revise LOA" button.
                  • If you had already submitted the LOA for these numbers and we notified you of an issue from the associated Footprints case, first review the instructions in that case.
                    If we instructed you to submit a new LOA then press Revise LOA to enter to the Edit Mode.
                  • In both cases, start the LOA wizard and follow the steps to submit your LOA.
                  • Canceled: Indicates that your order to port the numbers shown has been canceled. You may have contacted us to cancel it or we have had to cancel it because we have not received from you the necessary information to proceed. 
                  • Scheduled: We have received a firm commitment date from your current phone company to port the numbers. This means that port order is now final and confirmed; any changes/cancellations made after this will incur charges. 

                  This page also shows:

                    • the Footprints case number, which you can provide to support representative. We will be sending emails with this case number in the subject field in which you can find further information and instructions.
                      • Number(s) to port.
                        • Estimated Porting Date - this is the date we have requested to port with your current service provider based on the dates they have available, the timeframe you indicated to us, and the nature of your port order and current services.  This is not yet confirmed.  Any changes to your port order will require your order to start over again, usually with a new estimated porting date.
                          • Confirmed Porting Date - this date has been confirmed with your current service provider; we will port your numbers on this date. Any changes to your port order including the request to change this date may incur charges.