My Services mobile app provides user with some of the functions of My Services Portal. My Services mobile app is available for mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms.

To start using the app download it from your mobile device market. Launch the app. Sign in to My Services mobile using your user credentials:

My Service app provides user with following functionality:

Request Services

My Services mobile app lists additional services that are available to user and enables user to request a service from account administrator. To request service:

  1. Tap on Request services menu option.
  2. Tap on the service in the list and tap on Request and then Confirm button. Account administrator will receive an email notification and will also see pending request in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.
  3. User can check on request status next to requested service.

Change user information

User can modify their personal information available to other users in Global Address List in Outlook and other services. To change user information:

  1. Tap on Profile menu option.
  2. Update user information and tap on Save button.

Setup Out Of Office assistant

User can setup Out Of Office autoreply using My Services mobile app:

  1. Tap on Out Of Office menu option.
  2. Turn on Autoreply and adjust the settings: Schedule, Internal autoreply and External autoreply. Scroll the screen down to see all settings.
  3. Tap on Save button.

Configure email account on mobile device

My Services mobile app can assist user with setting up email account on mobile device. User experience is different on Android and iOS:

  • Configure email with My Services app on Android device

    1. Tap on Configure email menu option.
    2. The app lists necesary settings for manual configuration of the email account for Android device
    3. Tap Configure email to launch default mail client and proceed with setup
  • Configure email with My Services app on iOS device

    1. Tap on Configure email menu option.
    2. Tap Configure email button. Device is then redirected to download a Profile for your mailbox. Tap Install to confirm installation.
    3. Enter your mailbox password and hit Next
    4. You can start using you email account. Account should now be listed in Settings > Mail, contacts, calendar on device.