In order to manage your cases, navigate to HostPilot > Support > Manage Support Cases:

Manage Support Cases

  • Recent cases - Support cases you submitted in the last 3 months
  • Archived cases - Support cases that have been closed for 3 months or longer

After clicking on the necessary link, you will be redirected to the Intermedia Footprints portal where you can review/update cases. You will see the list of your cases:

View your cases

Support cases can have one of the following statuses:

  • Request - a newly created case, waiting to be resolved or escalated
  • Open - an engineer has reviewed the case, and it is currently being worked on
  • WaitForCustomer - an engineer has requested more information or a confirmation that the issue has been resolved
    Note: if you don't reply to a case in the WaitForCustomer status in 3 days, it's status changes to Resolved
  • CustomerReplied - you have updated the case and it is has not yet been reviewed
  • Completed - an escalation team (Tier2, Development, Product Management, etc.) has returned the case to the case owner and their solution is being verified
  • Resolved - the issue has been resolved
    Note: if you don't reply to a case in the Resolved status in 1 day, it's status changes to Closed
  • Closed - the case has been closed
    Note: if you reply to a Closed case, your update will be visible but the status won't change. Replies to the closed cases are monitored, but we recommend to either create a new case and refer the closed case number, or call in to re-open the closed case to expedite the resolution.

Note: although all Account Contacts can view all tickets submitted by your organization, each individual contact can edit only cases they have submitted. Cases submitted by other contacts are Read Only.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Contact Support? for instructions on how to open a new case.