SecuriSync mobile app allows you to open and edit your backed up files directly from your mobile device.

You can open a SecuriSync file in another app, edit it, and save it back to SecuriSync as a new version of the file.

Note: you may need to add SecuriSync to the list of locations in your app first.


For Microsoft Office Apps:

  1. Open Word / Excel / PowerPoint App on your mobile device
  2. Tap Open, select Files App and then choose the Browse option
  3. To add SecuriSync to the list, tap More > Edit and turn the switcher for SecuriSync on and tap Done
  4. Now SecuriSync will be availibale under the list of locations. Simply tap on your SecuriSync storage and select the necessary file.
  5. If the AutoSave feature is turned on in the application, the changes will be saved and synced to the cloud automatically. If AutoSave is turned off, tap the Save button to upload the file to the server as a new version of the same file. 


For any 3rd party App:

  1. Open SecuriSync App
  2. Tap Open to open the document in another app
  3. Edit document
  4. Save changes
  5. Close app and return to SecuriSync App. Notification Upload Started will be displayed and file will be saved as a new version of the same file

Update SecuriSync document on Android