To view and manage existing distribution lists, log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Services > Distribution Lists.

On the Distribution Lists page, you can create new distribution lists, change associated settings, or delete existing distribution lists. Read the Knowledge Base article on How do I create a distribution list on Exchange? for information on creating new distribution lists. 

Under Services select Distribution Lists:

  • Display Name: The name that will appear in the address book.
  • E-mail Address: The email address associated with the distribution list.
  • Delete: Click this button to remove the selected distribution list from the address book.
  • Action: Use this to quickly modify distribution list email addresses and members.
    Delete DL

Click on the Display Name to manage other features:
           Manage Settings

If you want to add the mailbox to an existing distribution list:

  1. Select Distribution list > Members.
  2. Find the mailbox in the address book and click Add.
  3. If you want to remove the mailbox from a distribution list, check the box next to the email address and choose Exclude from List.
    Add/Exclude Members
  • You may add external recipients as members of Distribution List. They should be preliminary added to the account as Company Contacts in HostPilot > Services > Company Contacts.
  • Then go back to Services > Distribution Lists and choose the Distribution List in question. Add member as described above. When choosing user from Address book it will be displayed as Contact.
    company contact

To add a user mailbox to an existing distribution list, or remove a user from a distribution list:

  1. Navigate to the Services > Mailboxes > Exchange Mailboxes page in HostPilot.
  2. Click the display name of the user mailbox you want to manage.
  3. Under the Exchange tab, click the link next to Member Of.