This article applies to Exchange mailboxes only.

This article describes the steps for setting up an email account on a device with the Android OS (illustrated by creating an IMAP account on a Samsung Galaxy).

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts section > Add Account  then tap Email.
  2. On the Set up email screen add the following information:
  • Email Address – The user’s email address.
  • Password – The user's mailbox password

      3. On the next screen and then select IMAP.

      4. Incoming Mail Server:

    • Username – The user's email address.
    • Password – The user's mailbox password.
    • IMAP server*- Enter your POP/IMAP mail server
    • SSL (Accept all certificates)
    • Port: 993

       5. Outgoing Mail Server:

    • SMTP server* – Enter your outgoing mail server.
    • Security type: TLS (Accept all certificates)
    • Port: 25, 587 or 465. Note: Exchange 2016 supports only ports 25 and 587.
    • Require sign-in: checked
    • Username – The user's email address.
    • Password – The user's mailbox password.

       6. Account options:

  • Select how often you want to synchronize with email server.
  • Select if you want to syncronize email
  • Specify notification options
  • Specify downloading options

       7. Set up email

  • Provide the name for the account (optional)
  • Provide your name for signature.

      8.  Complete the setup process. Click Done and wait for the device to test your incoming and outgoing mail settings and connect to your mailbox.

           *Important: to protect your account information we cannot publish your Server names in public Knowledge Base. You can find this information on the HostPilot> Home > Exchange servers and settings page.

Note: If it is not possible to setup the native mail application, Gmail application can be downloaded and POP/IMAP settings can be used for configuration.