This article provides the answers to common billing questions.

Q: How do I change my billing information?

A: Read the Knowledge Base article on Where Do I Update My Billing Information.

Q: I would like to switch to invoice billing.

A: Intermedia chooses to manage customer payments predominantly through the use of credit cards, which serves to expedite the money transactions and mitigate significant delinquencies. If you like to switch from Auto Payment to invoice billing, contact Customer Service. The Finance team will review whether you meet the business justification requirements.

Q: Where can I view my explanation of charges?

A: From HostPilot, go to Account > Balance > adjust the date range if necessary > click on Transaction ID > select Explanation of Charges.


Read the Knowledge Base article on Explanation of Charges for more information.

Q: Why do I see duplicate line charges on my bill?

A: This happens on your first bill or if you have ordered any new service since the previous bill. Intermedia bills in advance for all hardware and service charges. Because we do not begin billing for lines of service until they have been activated (either automatically after 7 days or manually), the first bill following activation shows two charges for each line of service:

  • one prorated charge from the date of activation, through the end of the current billing cycle;
  • one full charge for the next month of service.

Q: How to understand Conference Bridge charges?

A: Minutes used are calculated on a per caller basis. Any call between 1-9 minutes is calculated as 10 full minutes per caller. Unite calls start with a minimum of 5 minutes instead of 10.

Most Conference plans have bucket minutes. Bucket minutes is the number of minutes given based on your current plan and they are renewed at the beginning of your billing cycle each month. Once all those minutes are used up, you can continue to use your conference line but you are charged on a per minute basis from that point forward until the next billing cycle begins and your bucket minutes are available again.

There are some conference plans which do not come with monthly bucket minutes but are pay per minute. These plans may come with one time 200 bucket minutes. This type of plan does not renew the bucket minutes each month, instead, you use it as a pay per minute conference line.

Q: Can I pay for the equipment up-front to get a discount?

A: When purchasing phone equipment, you may choose to either pay the full price of the equipment up front, or by breaking up the payments over 12 monthly, interest-free payments.

Q: How long is my warranty?

A: Intermedia provides customers with a hardware warranty of 12 months from the time of purchase. During that period, if any of your equipment should fail, simply call and let us know what is not working. We will immediately ship you a replacement. (Within 30 days of this notification, ship the damaged unit back to us, to avoid a charge for the piece of damaged equipment). This warranty covers equipment failure not caused by customer misuse or damage (e.g., coffee spills, dropping and shattering the phone, etc.)

Q: I don’t want to pay for my existing service once I sign up with Intermedia, can I cancel it?

A: If you are porting existing phone numbers over to Intermedia, you will need to keep those numbers active with your old carrier until the porting process has been completed. There is a bit of overlap time where you will likely need to have both Intermedia service and service through your old carrier - though the service with your old carrier can be minimized to cover only the phone numbers you are bringing with you.

Q: This service doesn’t work for me. Can I return the hardware and get my money back?

A: Yes, during the initial 30-day Guarantee Period after your order, you may cancel the service and return the equipment for a refund. Depending on how you purchased your Voice Account, the Guarantee Period may be greater than 30 days. For more information or to request a return for refund, please contact Customer Service.

Q: How do I cancel my service?

A: To cancel your service, the Account Owner may want to contact Customer Service.

Q: Is there a fee associated with canceling my service?

A: There are no cancellation fees. Some hardware promotions require that you agree to a 1-year subscription for a Line of Service. Canceling within the first year of service may mean that some hardware charges would retroactively apply.

Q: Where can I view my contract?

A: Our Terms & Conditions, Master Service Agreement (MSA), product-specific Schedules, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and more can be found on the Intermedia Product Agreements page.