For non-urgent issues we recommend checking the Knowledge Base article first.

  1. Log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel
  2. Click on the Support link in the upper right corner of HostPilot
  3. In the search box enter your query.
    Type in your question
    • Use specific queries, such as 'SecuriSync logs' or 'Upload avatar Intermedia Unite'. Using only one word as a query will result in returning lots of articles which will not always be relevant.
    • Use straight or curly quotation marks to search for exact term sequence, e.g. "outlook 2016 for mac"
    • Use autosuggested queries
      Suggested queries
  4. If you do not find the answer in the Knowledge Base, you can use Open new case link for support.
    Create new case
  5. Enter the case title.
  6. In the Case Information section, describe why you're contacting Support and what service(s) and how many users are impacted:
    Fill in issue details
  7. In the Description field, enter:
      • the details of the issue / question
      • steps performed by you
      • screenshots of error messages
      • any other information relevant to the issue

    Submit the case
  8. Click Save to place your case to the Support ticketing system.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Manage My Support Cases? for more information.

You can also submit an Extended Service request from the Extended Services portal which is designed for requesting functionality that is not available from the Partner Portal control panel. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Use The Extended Services Portal? for more information.