Note: 24x7 phone availability depends on your plan.

Only Account Contacts are authorized to contact Support. A Support Case is created after any call.

The support numbers can be found:

  • in HostPilot under Support > For real-time support > Phone Support:
    Support Number in HostPilot
  • on the Intermedia website under Support:
    Support Number on the website
  • in the top bar of any Knowledge Base page:
    Support Number in the Knowledge Base

Select one of the following options:

  • Option 1 - to enter a direct extension
  • Option 2 - for Sales
  • Option 3 - for Support
  • Option 4 - for Billing

If you selected the Support option:

  1. Enter an existing case number followed by a # sign. If you don't have an existing case, press #
  2. Enter you account ID followed by a # sign. If you don't know your account ID, press #. The account ID can be found in HostPilot next to the account name:
    Account ID
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Option 1 - Exchange support
    • Option 2 - Cloud Voice support
    • Option 3 - Cloud Server support
    • Option 4 - Web Hosting support
    • Option 5 - Onboarding and Cloud Concierge

Important: once the call is answered, in accordance to the Support Security Verification Policy, the engineer needs to ask you a security question to protect your business.