Intermedia PC Backup allows you to backup your PC- and laptop-based files and folders. The PC Backup service uses an easy-to-use desktop software client that you install on the machine you wish to back up.

If you need to use PC Backup service on Windows, read the Knowledge Base article on Getting Started With PC Backup For Windows.

Here are a few steps to help get you started:

Activate PC Backup service for the user.

Download and install software.

Select data for backup:

Restore data from backup:

Activate PC Backup service for the user 

  1. Login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Exchange Mailboxes.
  2. Click on a Display Name of the user you need to enable PC Backup for.
  3. Switch to PC Backup tab.
  4. Specify the type of license (Server or Desktop), choose your storage from the Disk Quota drop-down click Enable PC Backup.
  5. After the user is activated, a "Getting Started" email will be sent to the user. The email will contain links to download the software, license key and activation password. 

     If you've activated PC Backup service for the user and changed primary email address (UPN) after that, the OLD UPN needs to be used as a username when activating PC Backup client.


Download and install software.

  1. The "Getting Started" email contains download links for PC Backup client. If you lose the email message, you can find download links in HostPilot > Services > PC Backup tab.
  2. Launch the file that you downloaded. Click Continue, then click Continue again.
  3. Read the Important information page, then click Continue. Read the Licence Agreement, click Continue, then click Agree.
  4. Select the destination volume where you would like PC Backup to be installed, then click Continue.
  5. Verify the installation location, then click Install.
  6. The installer requires that you enter your Mac's administrator name and password. Enter the name and password, then click Ok.
  7. PC Backup for Mac is installed to the Applications folder of the selected volume.
  8. Click Close to exit the installation program and launch the PC Backup Setup Assistant.
  9. Input the product key and email address. You can find all of the required information in the "Getting Started" email or in HostPilot > Services > PC Backup > Name of the user.
    Click Next.
  10. Input the activation password that was sent you in the "Getting Started" email. Then click Next.
  11. Select the Encryption Settings. Click Next, then click Next again to begin choosing files for backup:

Select data for backup:

Once application is installed you may select files and folder for backup: browse application > navigate to Files and Folders > click on plus + sign to add folder/file to backup, and minus - sign to remove folder/file from backup. Green circle next to folder/file indicates it is added to backup. On Summary page you are able to check the backing up progress.


Restore data from backup:

To restore backup up files launch the PC Bakcup app > click on Restore Files > select necessary files/folders > Restore.


Note: you cannot restore files if you have back up running. You need to pause the backing up process first.

Read the Knowlegde Base article on PC Backup: How Do I Download Users Files Using HostPilot for restore process on behalf of administrator.