The notifications section of the account contacts page in the Control Panel gives you granular control over notifications about the status of your account, maintenance, service impacting events, or marketing events.

To manage notifications, login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Account > Account Contacts > select Account Contact > Notifications. 

Note: you can access Account Contacts section if you have Contact Manager or Owner roles.


Notifications settings page consists of the following sections:

General details

  • Email for notifications: this email account will be receiving all email communications you opt in for. 
  • Alternate email for notifications: this email account will be receiving copies of all maintenance, service impacting event, and Product Update Notices.  
    Note: we recommend that this is an address not hosted on your account.
  • Phone number for text messages: SMS notifications about maintenance and service impacting events will be sent to this phone number. We will never send marketing or promotional messages via SMS. 

Basic Notifications

Basic notfications allow you to opt in or out of receiving email notifications for events related to your account activities. The basic notifications will be sent to the primary email address.

Operations Notifications

This section gives you control over communications from our operations team related to your account. 

Note: only Account Owner and Technical Administrator will receive maintenance and outage notifications. The maintenance notifications also include release notes for major changes. Account Owner and Technical Administrator can opt in or out of notifications for maintenance and service impacting events and select the channels through which notifications will be sent.

Additional Details

  • Account Contacts can always manage their own notification settings. Owner and Contact Managers can manage notifications settings for other Account Contacts.
  • If required, notifications settings can be set to default.
  • If you use the same Account Contact for multiple accounts, notification settings will be applied for all accounts.