Emergency 911 Services (including Enhanced 911 or “E911”) provided by Intermedia Voice may differ from the emergency calling services provided by a traditional telephone company. These differences may have an adverse impact upon the ability or timeliness of the provision of 911 services to you or others in the event of an emergency. In addition, due to limitations on technology, the location reported by Intermedia Voice to the public safety dispatcher for your telephones may not include a user’s specific location within a business premise. For this reason, it is important that you carefully follow the instructions below.

Upon subscribing to our service, you completed a form requiring you to provide the street address, city, and state (“Service Address”) where you will be using your Intermedia Voice service. Many of our customers have access to either basic 911 or E911 service. Using E911 service, when you dial 911, your Intermedia Voice telephone number and registered address are sent to the emergency center serving your location and public safety dispatchers have access to this information in order to send help and call you back if necessary. Customers in areas where the emergency center is not equipped to receive your telephone number and address have basic 911 or limited E911 service. Using basic 911 or limited E911 service, when you dial 911, public safety dispatchers answering the call may not be able to access your Intermedia Voice telephone number or registered address because the emergency center may not be equipped to receive or capture your Intermedia Voice telephone number and registered address. Therefore, you must be prepared to supply this information on the call. Until you supply the public safety dispatchers with your phone number, the dispatcher may not be able to send help or call you back if the call is disconnected or dropped, or if you are unable to communicate.

For the purposes of 911, you must register with Intermedia Voice the physical location where each user will utilize our service with that phone line. We will register the physical location or Service Address you provide as part of subscribing to our service. It is your responsibility to confirm the accuracy of your Service Address by using your online account to make any changes, additions or transfers of phone numbers. In addition, it is your obligation to require each user to provide Intermedia Voice with their specific location within your premises in the event of an emergency. When you move your device to another location, you must update your registered address. It is also your responsibility to require each user to update Intermedia Voice promptly when such user changes the physical location to which service is provided. If you (and your users) do not update location information, your 911 calls may be sent to an emergency center near your old address. You may register only one 911 location at a time for each phone line. To be clear, you and your users must re-register the Service Address with Intermedia Voice each time the Service Address changes.

In some cases, emergency calls may not be routed to the designated emergency center in your area. Rather, an emergency call may be routed to an alternative emergency center that may not have access to any or all of your registered Service Address information. Consequently, a user should be prepared to provide sufficient information with respect to your physical location to a public safety dispatcher. This method may delay the dispatch of emergency personnel to the user’s location. If the emergency call is disconnected for any reason prior to the time the user has provided a location, emergency personnel will have no way to contact the user or determine the user’s identity or location, and the user should immediately redial 911.

Remember that our 911 dialing service will not function in the event of a broadband or power outage, or if your broadband, ISP, or Intermedia Voice phone service is terminated. In addition, our 911 dialing service will also not work in the event of defective or misconfigured devices or software; network congestion; delays from updating your Service Address; restrictions from non- voice equipment such as security systems and medical monitoring equipment; relocating the equipment outside of the contiguous United States; the simultaneous use of one line with multiple pieces of equipment; the failure of the emergency response center to answer your calls; failures of third parties responsible for routing 911 calls; and possibly other circumstances.

You should advise all employees, invitees, guests, visitors, and every other person who may make calls using the service of the limitations described above.

To check your 911 activation status, login to your account or dial support from your Intermedia Voice phone. If you would like more information about Intermedia Voice’s 911 dialing, please see the Intermedia Voice Emergency 911 Policy and Information (E911 Policy), which is part of the Intermedia Voice Master Service Agreement, or feel free to visit http://www.intermediavoiceservices.com/legal.