This article describes the delivery of encrypted messages to the recipients when Policy-based Encryption is enabled for the account. To find out more about Policy-based Encryption, please read the Knowledge Base article Getting Started With Policy-Based Encryption.

Note: the messages stored in Message Pickup Center will only be available for 30 days.

When an email is sent from our server and Policy-based Encryption is triggered, the recipient can view and reply to the encrypted email using their Message Pickup Center in their web browser. When the recipient replies to an encrypted message, through the website interface, the message is sent using an encrypted connection to Intermedia Exchange servers. Intermedia servers decrypt the email so that the recipient won't need to use the message pickup center to read the email, but instead can read it using Outlook or Outlook Web App. And when a desktop Outlook application connects to Intermedia Exchange server to view email it uses a TLS-encrypted connection, so the message cannot be intercepted by a third party.

Registration and login
Overview of Message Pickup Center
Password reset

Registration and login

First-time login

When an encrypted message sent to the user for the first time, this recipient will be prompted to go through the registration process to create an account under the Message Pickup Center:

  1. The recipient gets the following email:
  2. After clicking Create your account and read your message link the recipient will be redirected to the Message Pickup Center to fill out the Activation Information and create the password for the profile:
    Note: According to the password policy, the password should meet the requirements listed below. A password policy cannot be changed from the CONTROL PANEL.
    Password must have at least 14 characters
    Password must contain at least one lower case character
    Password must contain at least one upper case character
    Password must contain at least one number [0-9]
    Password must contain at least one special character (!@#$%^&*).
    By default, the password never expires. If you need this changed — contact Support.

  3. After clicking Activate the recipient is prompted to sign in with the credentials that were just created:

Login with an existing account

If the recipient already has the profile under message pickup center, the encrypted email will be the following:


The recipient should click Click here to open to view the message. It will redirect the recipient to Message Pickup Center where the user will be prompted to enter an already existing set of credentials. If the recipient forgot the password, it is possible to reset it. Please navigate to the Password Reset section for more details.

Overview of Message Pickup Center

When the recipient logs into the Message Pickup Center, there will be the following interface, similar to Webmail:


Here the user can view all Encrypted messages received, navigate to Draft, Sent, and Trash folders, apply the Filter, Sorting, Search.

  1. To open an encrypted message simply click on the message subject:
  2. To reply to the email, click Reply. Please note you can also Move, Verify, Print, Save, or Delete the message.
    You may click on any attachment to download it as a single file or as .zip archive.
  3. When replying to the email you can change the message formatting, add attachments, and also Save to Drafts. Click Send to send the encrypted reply.

There is an extra feature called Verify, which gives an option to verify if the message was indeed encrypted. When opening an encrypted message, click Verify button on top:


It will open a new page with validation information. You may also hit Check Attachments to verify the attachments were also secured:

Under the Options section, the user able to change the password and adjust Mailbox settings:

  1. To view this section, click Options on the top-right corner:
  2. Click Password Options to change the password:
  3. Click Mailbox Settings to alter the mailbox settings and apply the signature:

Password Reset

In case the recipient forgets the password, it is possible to follow the procedure of resetting it.

  1. To reset the password click Forgot your password? under the login page:
  2. Enter the email address associated with the Message Pickup Center profile and click Next:
  3. You will receive the following notification:
  4. Check your mailbox for the password reset link, there should be the following email. Click Click here to activate your account:
    Note: In case you are not receiving this notification email, please check your Junk-Email folder and run the search inside the mailbox for "Reactivate your account" subject.
  5. Create a new password and click Activate

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