This article describes the steps on how to recover data from SharePoint site.

  1. End-user recycle bin
  2. Site Collection recycle bin

End-user recycle bin

  1. Log in to SharePoint site with your username and password
  2. Navigate to Settings > Site Contents
    site setings
  3. on Site Contents > click Recycle Bin
    recycle bin
  4. Select file > Restore Selection / Delete Selection

Site Collection recycle bin

  1. Log in to SharePoint with site administrator credentials
  2. Navigate to Settings > Site Contents
  3. On Site Contents > click Recycle bin
  4. Select a view End user Recycle Bin items/Deleted from end user Recycle Bin > select file > Restore Selection/Delete Selection

The default value for Retention policy in the End-user Recycle bin is 30 days, then deleted item goes to the Site Collection recycle bin. Retention period for the Site Collection recycle bin is 30 days as well, however both values may vary depending on your domain and plan.