Extension dialing issue:


  • Internal extension dialing is not working (for example, when dialing 102 extension a busy line signal starts after user dials 1 and 0).
  • Voice mail is not working. Personal (internal) extensions could not be dialed and therefore Voice mail could not be listened to.
  • Unable to blind-transfer directly to Voice mail (by dialing *ext)

Polycom phones dial "10" automatically due to the dial plan they have configured by default. The dial plan can be managed in Polycom web interface by navigating to Settings > SIP > Local Settings. Please enter the following:

For 3-digit extension: [2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[1-8]xxxT|1[1-9]xxxxxxxxxT|*[1-8]xx|[2-9]xxxxxx

For 4-digit extension: [2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[1-8]xxxT|1[1-9]xxxxxxxxxT|*[1-8]xxx|[2-9]xxxxxx

For 5-digit extension: [2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T|[1-8]xxxT|1[1-9]xxxxxxxxxT|*[1-8]xxxx|[2-9]xxxxxx

Once this dial plan is pasted, please make sure there are no spaces and click Submit.

Explanation of rules for Digitmap:

  • 2-9]11 – dial emergency numbers (911, 211, etc) immediately

  • 0T – dial "0" after a timeout

  • 011xxx.T – dial int. numbers after timeout

  • [1-8]xxxT – dial extensions after a timeout

  • 1[1-9]xxxxxxxxxT – dial 11-digit numbers after timeout

  • *[1-8]xxx – dial *extension for transferring to voicemail after timeout

  • [2-9]xxxxxx - dial 7-digit numbers automatically