If you are having issues with connecting your mobile device to your Exchange mailbox try the steps below:

  • Make sure that ActiveSync is enabled by logging in to My Services

Important: the ActiveSync service should be enabled for your mailbox by the administrator. If the service is not enabled, you will see the Request button under ActiveSync. It allows you to request the service. It will be provisioned for you once the administrator approves it.

Administrators can refer to the following Knowledge Base article: How Do I Enable ActiveSync Service For A User?

  • Confirm that the password is correct by logging in to WebMail
  • Verify that less than 10 devices are connected to the mailbox. To do that log in to WebMail and navigate to:
    • For Exchange 2016/2019 accounts: Settings > Options > Mobile Devices:
    • For Exchange 2013 accounts: Settings > Options > Phone:
    If there are 10 devices connected to your mailbox delete some old devices from the list by highlighting a device and clicking the Delete button.
    Important: do not click the Wipe button as it will reset your device to factory settings.
  • Make sure that the settings are correct
  • Enter Domain\Username instead of email address in the username field
    Note: correct settings can be found in HostPilot® Control Panel under Services > Mailboxes > Mobile > ActiveSync:ControlPanelSettings

    The settings are also available for end-users in My Services upon clicking the ActiveSync button: MyServicesSettings

  • Switch to a different network. For example, if you are using the network provided by your mobile carrier try switching to Wi-Fi and vice versa
  • Power cycle the device
  • For iOS: change Mail Days to Sync to All

Refer to the Knowledge Base articles below for the configuration instructions: