Some services can require an SRV record to be created for your domain name.

If you have already transferred your domain to Intermedia name servers, you should be able to do that using your Domain Names > Domains Manager page in HostPilot.

1. Go to Domain Names > Domains Manager and click on your domain.

Domain Names

2. On the top of the Custom records section there is interface to add new record:

  • fill the first Domain text field in format: Service.Protocol
  • set the Type to SRV
  • fill the Resource Data (Points To) in format: Priority Weight Port Target
  • hit the Update Records button

SRV Record Syntax

If you host your DNS records with other DNS hosting provider, you can manage your SRV record by logging into their control panel. 

The following syntax is commonly used by many DNS hosting providers:

  • Service: this is the symbolic service name: _sip
  • Protocol: the protocol used by service: _tls
  • Priority/Preference: number: the lower number means the higher priority.
  • Weight: this is similar to priority, as it controls the order in which multiple records are used.
  • Destination/Target/Points to:  the destination that the record is sending the traffic to.
  • TTL: time to live value; a mechanism that limits the lifespan or lifetime of data in a computer or network. We recommend to set value to 14400 for SRV record.
  • Name: your domain name.