Important: synchronization is one-way only and all user properties will be overwritten by the values from your in-house Active Directory.

UserPilot is a tool for getting a list of Active Directory users from your on-premise Active Directory and uploading it to the Intermedia Active Directory. It allows you to update user properties with the information gathered from your Active Directory.

To start working with UserPilot:

STEP 1. Install UserPilot on all Domain Controllers in the forest. Read the Knowledge Base article on UserPilot Installation Guide for detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting.

STEP 2. Managing Active Directory objects.

After UserPilot is installed correctly on all Domain Controllers in the forest, you need to log into HostPilot and navigate to Services > UserPilot > Unlinked section and link users, distribution lists or company contacts which you are going to have synchronized. There are two options to link users:

In the Settings section you can choose which fields will be synchronised for every group of objects (users, distribution lists and company contacts). You can enable the Auto Create & Auto Delete feature to ease the synchronisation process of creating and deleting objects in HostPilot. In the drop-down menu you can select the default domain name; this domain will be added automatically to new users and distribution lists.

Note: Make sure that user passwords meet our password requirements.

Option 1. Link the AD objects to already existing HostPilot objects

  1. Check the box next to the object you want to be synchronized.
  2. Click Select Object to choose one from the Address Book or click Autolink to allow UserPilot find the object automatically.

Note: UserPilot is finding objects using the following criteria:

  • Users will be linked based on UserPrincipalName
  • Groups (Distribution Lists) will be linked based on DisplayName
  • Contacts will be linked based on ExternalEmailAddress

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Option 2. Create new objects and link AD users to them. 

  1. Check the box next to the object you want to be synchronized.
  2. Click Create. You will see the notification like below and after you click Proceed the object is created and will appear in HostPilot.

Note: You can also hide the unnecessary objects. You can find them later on the Hidden tab.

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Objects can be unlinked on the Linked page.

Useful links:

You can monitor the UserPilot status in the Settings section.