Each Cloud Server has three sections in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel:

  1. Displays General Information
  2. Displays Server Status
  3. Allows you to perform different actions

cloud server

General information about the server configuration

The first section contains general information. It shows the Server name and its Operating System, the number of CPUs and Storage details, Public and Private IPs.

CS details

By clicking on Show details next to the server name, you can expand or hide the sections.

CS name

The server statistics

The second section contains information about the Server's state. The statistics are updated every 24 hours.

CS statistics

The server's state can be:

  • Provisioning: The virtual machine is being provisioned after the cloud server is created. Provisioning takes from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.


  • Migrating: Cloud server is under migration process.


  • Running: The server is up and running.


  • Stopped: The server was shut down or powered off.


Note: If average CPU, memory, or storage usage is over 70%, the respective resource will be highlighted and a notification (yellow) will be displayed recommending an upgrade.
If average CPU, memory, or storage usage is over 90%, the respective resource will be highlighted and a notification (red) will be displayed recommending an upgrade.


The server actions

The third section allows you to perform different actions:


  • Server Upgrade and Downgrade

    Important notes:

      • Each server resource upgrade will require the server to be powered off. Upgrade Server action will initiate an ungraceful Power off which may result in loss of unsaved data. In order to avoid this, each server should be manually Shut Down before initiating the Server Upgrade.
      • You can perform upgrade or downgrade of your CPU and Reserved Memory.
      • The Storage downgrade is not available.
    Use Modify Server button to change server configuration.



  • Use any of these ways to access your Server:
      • Remote Desktop: Download the application and run it. Use your credentials to log in:


      • Open Console:
        Note: Server Console does not work over Proxy Servers. Please disable them.
        Start your browser and navigate to:
        HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Cloud Servers > Server name > Show details
        Click Open Console
        Open Console
  • Reset Admin Password: Use this option to reset your password.

    Important Note
    : To reset the password, you need to shut down the Cloud Server. If the server is running, Reset Admin Password option is grayed out.


  • Shut Down: Use it to shut the server down or power it off. Shut Down sends a shutdown signal to the guest operating system causing it to shut down gracefully. Power Off is the power switch for the server. It forcefully powers off the server.


  • Power On: Use to power on the server after shutting it down or powering off.

    cloud server

  • Delete Server: Permanently delete the server.