This article covers the following topics:

Q: How do I know how many phone lines are enough for me?

A: If you have an account already, please contact your account representative. New customers can speak with Intermedia sales representative who will address your business needs regarding the number of phone lines and phones required for your business. Read the Knowledge Base article on VoIP Bandwidth Requirements

Q: Can I order additional phones and phone numbers as my business grows?

A: Yes, you can. The flexibility of the number assignment depends on the platform your account resides on.

Q: May I order just the Hosted Phone Service now, and add additional features later?

A: You are welcome to place an order for hardware and lines of service, then add onto that at a later time.

Q: May I add/cancel local or remote market numbers?

A: You may order additional local or remote market numbers for a modest monthly price. You may also cancel them anytime you wish.

Q: May I add/cancel toll-free numbers?

A: You may order as many toll-free numbers as you wish. You may also cancel them as you wish.

Q: May I add/change/cancel Directory Listings?

A: You may order Directory Listings and a one-time activation fee. You may also cancel them as you wish.

Q: Will someone come out to set up my phones?

A: No. Intermedia equips you and your IT personnel with plug and play devices. We provide Onboarding services to assist you, over the phone, with an overview of your account and phone setup, as well as Technical Support available 24x7.

Q: Can I change the outbound identifying number (“caller ID”) associated with my service?

A: Yes. HPBX Service allows our customers to change the outbound caller ID for each of their phones through the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

Q: Can I use an alarm system with your phone system and service?

A: No. Hosted Phone Service does not support connection to alarm systems. You will need to obtain a landline from your local telephone company for the purposes of connecting your alarm system.

Q: Can the Auto Attendant take a message if all lines on my phone system are busy?

A: Yes. The Auto Attendant comes with an online voicemail box. You may log in to the HostPilot and select Auto Attendant to configure the system to direct callers to the voicemail box. 

Q: Can I use a credit card Point of Sale (“POS”) machine with your phone system and service?

A: No. Hosted Phone Service does not support POS machines like credit card devices or postage meters. Many credit POS service providers can provide internet-based systems that do not use phone landlines. If your POS service provider does not provide internet-based machines, you will need to obtain a landline from your local telephone company for purposes of connecting your credit card POS machine.

Q: Do the phones require a power supply?

A: Yes. If you choose to use them with the wireless adapter, then one power cord supplies power to both the phone and the adapter. Alternatively, you may connect the phones via an Ethernet cable which is capable of power supply.

Q: Can I use your phones wirelessly?

A: Yes, with the appropriate phone hardware & Wi-Fi adapter and a wireless network router.  For more information, please read Yealink WF40 USB Wi-Fi Dongle.