Set-ADSyncObjectLinked cmdlet links the object from another Active Directory with a corresponding object in CP: Users, Company contacts, Distribution lists.

This cmdlet supports risk-mitigation parameters.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Valid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)  


(alias: ObjectID)

string R

A property, that identifies the object of another Active Directory

Value of ObjectID is used as Identity:

ObjectID GUID of the object in another AD

3 TargetIdentity string R Unique name of the CP object

Value of one of these parameters can be used as TargetIdentity:

1 GUID Globally Unique Identifier (ObjectGuid)
2 DistinguishedName Unique name of the object in Active Directory

Output parameters

No parameters

Example of using Set-ADSyncObjectLinked cmdlet

Linking the object with specified ObjectID from another Active Directory to CP object with defined DistinguishedName

Set-ADSyncObjectLinked -Identity 45c72aaf-8107-41c9-bc07-cfb7d96780a5 -DistinguishedName 'CN=test@accountname,OU=accountname,OU=Hosting,DC=exchXXX,DC=domain,DC=local'