Get-Account cmdlet enables you to get your account billing information.

Note: only Administrators have permission to run Get-Account cmdlet.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Valid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters, except AccountID)  


int O The number of the returned items (after Offset parameter is specified and processed)

Min value is 1, max - 1000.

If not specified, equals to 100 (the default value).

3 Filter string O

This parameter allows to filter values by condition




(aliases: AccountID, UserName)

string O

A property, that is used for managing the account

Value of one of these parameters can be used as Identity:

1 AccountID Account identifier
2 UserName Account name

5 Offset int O

A number of the item, starting from which the items should be returned

Min value is 1.

If not specified, equals to 1 (the default value)

Output parameters

Valid Values
1 AccountID int Account identifier  
2 ApplicationID int Application identifier
  • 3 - SEH
  • 4 - DEH
3 Chargeable bool Parameter, which defines whether the account is chargeable/non-chargeable.
  • True - the account is chargeable. This is the default value.
  • False - the account is non-chargeable. 
4 DateOfLeaving dateTime The date, when the account was deleted Default value: 0001-01-01 0:00:00
5 DateOfMSASigning dateTime The date when MSA (the agreement) was signed Default value: 0001-01-01 0:00:00
6 DateOfPurchase dateTime The date, when the account was purchased  
7 DateOfPurging dateTime The date, when the account was deleted beyond recover Default value: 0001-01-01 0:00:00
8 Discount int Discount: Percent of the price  
9 EnabledState string

Account status

  • Enabled
  • EnabledForMigration
  • DisabledForNonPayment
  • DisabledForPolicyViolation
  • DisabledForTermination
  • DisabledForScheduledTermination
  • DisabledForOwnerDisabled
  • DisabledForChargeback
  • DisabledForStorageOverage
  • Pending
  • PendingForApproval
  • Rejected
10 LastPlanChange dateTime The date, when the plan was changed the last time   Default value: 0001-01-01 0:00:00
11 LastPlanName string Name of the previous plan  
12 LeavingComments string Additional information, comments (is filled by Customers)  
13 LeavingReason string The reason of deleting the account (is filled by Customers)  
14 MigrationState string Migration state for account
  • InitialCreation
  • InternalMigration
  • InUse
15 NameOfTheAgreement string Name of the agreement that is shown to user


16 PaymentMethodName string

Payment method for the account


  • CCardPaymentMethod - Credit Card
  • PaperCheckPaymentMethod - Paper Check
  • ECheckPaymentMethod - Electronic Check
17 PlanName string

Name of the plan

18 PLR_ID int Identifier of the partner for whom the account is created If it is not specified, - equals the value of partnerID - ID of the Partner Account
19 ResellerName string Name of the reseller  
20 UserName string Account name  

Examples of using Get-Account cmdlet

Getting all accounts, which have UserName like "test*":

Get-Account test*

Getting information on the account by specified AccountID:

Get-Account -AccountID 1234567

Getting all accounts, which have PlanName like "OWA-only1*":

Get-Account -Filter {PlanName -like 'OWA-only1*'}