New-AccountContact cmdlet creates a new account contact.

This cmdlet supports risk-mitigation parameters.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Restrictions/Valid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)  
2 AccessRoles string[] R Access roles
3 Login string R Login of the account contact (Email)

Length - 1 - 50 symbols

4 Name string R Name of the contact Length - 1 - 50 symbols
5 Password SecureString R Password of the account contact According to Contact Password Policy

Access Roles

#Name in HostPilot PowerShellHostPilot DisplayNameAdditional Information
1 Account Billing Manager Roles
2 ContactManager  Contact Manager 
3 SecurityManager Security Manager
4 TechnicalAdministrator Technical Administrator
4.1 MSExchange Exchange Subrole of the TechnicalAdministrator role
4.1.1 EmailCompliance Compliance Subroles of the MS Exchange subrole
4.1.2 PstManager Outlook Backup
4.1.3 WirelessEmail Wireless Email
4.2 ADPostfix POP/IMAP Mailboxes Subroles of the TechnicalAdministrator role
4.3 Dns Domain Names
4.4 SonianArchiving Email Archiving
4.5 SpamStopper Advanced Email Security 
4.6 StandaloneEmailArchiving Standalone Email Archiving
4.7 EmailProtection Email Protection
4.8 Pbx Hosted PBX
4.9 Atlas Voice Services
4.10 ConferenceBridges Conference Bridges
4.11 Office365 Office Apps
4.11.1 Office365EmailEncryption Email Encryption Subrole of Office365 subrole
4.12 OfficeCommunication Office Communication Subroles of the TechnicalAdministrator role
4.13 SharePoint SharePoint
4.14 Lync Skype for Business
4.15 SecuriSync SecuriSync
4.15.1 SecuriSyncRemoteWipe Remote Wipe Subroles of the SecuriSync subrole
4.15.2 SecuriSyncAdminFileManagement Admin File Management
4.16 Iam AppID Subroles of the TechnicalAdministrator role
4.17 IamEnterprise AppID Enterprise
4.18 ADSync UserPilot
4.19 CloudServers CloudServers
4.20 StanaPhone Fax via Email
4.21 OnlineBackup PC Backup
4.22 TechnicalSupport Technical Support

Output parameters

1 ContactID int

Contact identifier

Example of using New-AccountContact cmdlet

New-AccountContact -Login -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString "abc123" -AsPlainText -Force) -Name test -AccessRoles Account, ContactManager