Get-AccountContact cmdlet displays a list of the account contacts.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

DescriptionValid Values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)
2 AccessRole string[] O Access roles See Access Roles
3 Count int O The number of the returned items (after Offset parameter is specified and processed)

Min value is 1, max - 1000.

If not specified, equals to 100 (the default value).

4 Offset int O A number of the item, starting from which the items should be returned

Min value is 1.

If not specified, equals to 1 (the default value).

Output parameters

Valid Values
1 AccessRoles string[] Access roles

 See Access Roles

2 AccountID int Account identifier  
3 AreAllOrganizationalUnitsAllowed bool Parameter specifies whether the contact is available to all organizatonal units
  • True - the contact is available to all organizatonal units.
  • False - the contact is not available to all organizatonal units.
4 Contact ContactInfo Contact information (ContactID is displayed)  
5 ContactType string Type of the contact For Account Contacts - DatabaseContact
6 IsOwner bool The parameter defines whether the access role has the owner value or not
  • True - the access role has the owner value.
  • False - the access role doesn't have the owner value.
7 OrganizationalUnits string[] Names of organizational units, which can be managed by the contact  

Type ContactInfo

Valid Values
1 AlternativeEmail string Contact's alternative Email address. It is used for password recovery.  
2 CellularPhoneNumber string Contact's cellular phone number  
3 ContactID int Contact identifier  
4 Email string Email of the contact  
5 Locked bool The property defines whether the contact is locked or not
  • True - the contact is locked.
  • False - the contact is not locked. This is the default value.
6 Login string Login of the account contact (Email)  
7 Name string Name of the contact  
8 Phone string Contact's phone number  
9 SecurityQuestions ContactSecurityQuestionInfo[] Sequrity questions for the contact  
10 Title string Title of the contact  

Type ContactSecurityQuestionInfo

1 Answer string Answer to the security question
2 QuestionID int Security question's identifier

Examples of using Get -AccountContact cmdlet

Getting all contacts for specified AccountID:

Get-AccountContact -AccountID 8020039

Getting contacts with AccessRole containing Account or TechnicalAdministrator:

Get-AccountContact -AccessRole Account, TechnicalAdministrator

Getting ContactInfo for the first two contacts of specified AccountID:

(Get-AccountContact|select -First 2).Contact

Note: you will not be able to get CellularPhoneNumberAlternativeEmail or SecurityQuestions properties for shared account contacts. Refer to our Knowledge Base article Shared Account Contacts for more information.