It is possible to allow Cisco Unity Connection Server to connect to and work in the hosted environment. A user on the account is provisioned with the necessary properties for implementation.

To integrate Cisco Unity Connection Server:

  1. Log in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and create a basic user without a mailbox specifically for this purpose.
  2. Contact your Technical Support team. 

Important notes:

  • Cisco Unity Connection Server can only be integrated with accounts on Exchange 2010/2013 platform.
  • Cisco Unity Connection Server will require a public IP address for event notifications such as the Waiting Message Indicator to work properly. In versions previous to 8.6.2, this is the only method in which the Hosted Exchange system can reach back to the Cisco Unity device using port 7080. By current design from Cisco, the Unity server will register it’s IP for event notifications, if this IP is private or non-routable, the push events will not work properly. When the Unity server makes an attempt to connect through TCP for items like voicemail delivery, it will pick up the event notifications.
    Note: Please confirm it is not a public IP being NAT’d to an internal IP address, as that will not work.
  • Cisco Unity Server 8.6.2 provides an additional option for using an Internet Proxy Server, and/or selecting Microsoft Office 365 as the configuration option. The settings will be the same regardless of which configuration option chosen.
    When choosing Microsoft Office 365 as the option, please be aware authentication changes from NTLM to Basic, which may change other behavior of the system.