This article describes how to enable and use Call Recording with the Legacy 1.0 Hosted PBX service. For information on enabling and using call recording with Legacy Hosted PBX 2.0, please refer to article Hosted PBX 2.0 - Call Recording.

Enable Calling Recording

If you are not the account owner you cannot setup Call Recording and you will see the following message:

  1. Once the account owner is logged in, this option will become available. You can also choose if a notification message should be played before the call is recorded.
  2. Accept terms for using Call Recording:

  3. Once changes are saved, the Call Recording feature is ready for use.

Using Calling Recording

This feature allows users to record calls on an as-needed basis.

  1. User pushes #9 to start the call recording or stop recording.
  2. Depending on customer’s state, notification can be disabled.
    Note: Different states have different laws about the notification that calls are being recorded. Administrators can choose whether to enable or disable a call recording announcement based on their state’s requirements.
    • If enabled, Your call is being recorded plays when you start recording.
  3. When call is ended or recording stopped, .mp3 file of recording is delivered to the end user who initiated the recording via email.