This article describes how to set up CyberData Intercom to work with the Hosted PBX service. To setup a CyberData Intercom follow the steps below:

Get configuration information:

  1. Log in to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel and navigate to Services > Manage Users > Display Name of a user > click the Hosted PBX tab. On the current page you will see PBX Server Name.
  2. Click on the Phone Device to see Phone ID and phone Password.

Note: Each device has to be registered with the PBX using a unique Device ID. If a user would like to use multiple devices (e.g. phones, softphone clients, etc.), the administrator will need to generate additional device IDs in the HostPilot. The administrator can add another device in HostPilot > Services > Hosted PBX > Manage UsersDisplay Name of the user > Phones > Activate existing phone.

Configuring Intercom

  1. Plug in the network cable into intercom. While the phone is initializing, it automatically finds the local DHCP server and gets its IP address.
  2. To obtain the IP address of your intercom you can find it in your router/modem interface. The MAC address will show up associated with an IP address.
  3. On your computer, open a web browser and type the intercom IP address in the browser's address bar. In the login box, enter the admin credentials for the phone (default username: admin, password: admin). You will see the web interface for configuring the intercom.
  4. Click SIP Config on the menu and enter the following settings for SIP Configuration:
    • In the SIP Server box, type the intercom PBX Server Name (as shown in the user settings in HostPilot or My Services).
    • Under SIP Configuration, in both the SIP User ID and Authenticate ID boxes, type the Device ID (as shown in phone device settings in HostPilot or My Services).
    • In the Authenticate Password box, type the intercom Password (as shown in phone device settings in HostPilot or My Services).
    • Click Save and Reboot.